GreenDrop Strategies is your partner in creating sustainable plans and projects for your company.

GreenDrop Strategies is also skilled at the translation of environmental/sustainable development documents, as well as providing education and workshops.


Sustainability Coordination and Translation Services

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Environmental and

Sustainability Project Coordination


Project management with a focus on sustainability

Great projects should be led by a project manager who cares about success. GreenDrop Strategies is experienced in the project management of projects with an environmental and sustainability goal. GDS has been part of projects related to miljödiplomering, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and Green Flag certification.


Sustainability analysis

How can a sustainability analysis help your company develop in the futire? GDS looks are your company in its entirety and works to bring out development points that can be used to strengthen your company and your brand. Our analysis style works for all companies, but is especially helpful for small and midsized companies.




World water issues are taking center stage. GreenDrop Strategies is passionate about educating and raising awareness about global water concerns.


GreenDrop Strategies knows and understands how to help companies look at their water use by using tools, such as Water Footprint.

Environmental and sustainability Translation



GDS proudly offers translation of environmental documents.



  • Sustainability Reports
  • Sustainability plans and policies
  • documents and presentations for environmental organisations/non-profits
  • Safety sheets and chemical reviews



Client-specific (commissioned) workshops are also available. Contact GreenDrop Strategies for more details.


GDS is now taking bookings for speaking engagements in Spring/Fall 2015.


Internal Environmental Revision


Environmental certification projects often need a neutral and impartial party who can review materials in preparation for an external review. GDS offers in depth internal reviews which strengthen an environmental project.


We do internal reviews of Miljödiplomering, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.


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